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I was part of the Arcadia Whip Crackers Mounted Drill Team!

Our team consisted of 4-8 local horse riders. At first I was a Coach for the team, but later had to fill in for a rider that couldn't compete. I never looked back, I rode with the Team as Rider/ Coach for over 4 years.

 The Rider's ages at the time ranged from 13 to 35. The team had been a member of The Sunshine State Mounted Drill Team Association for 5 years.  The S.S.M.D.T.A organization held 4 qualifying competitions every year.The Team had lost and we won, but all in all we just had fun!  We have competed against teams that have had a lot of years of experience and teams that are composed of only adults. Sometimes its intimidating to go up against these teams since we were so inexperienced! Our  work ethic was second to none! We would practice year round. Several times a week in the heat and dusty arena! We would practice so we were  prepared with our horses as much as we could. We truly put blood sweat and tears into our rides. It took guts and  commitment to do this. These girls were really tough! A true family atmosphere was among the team! 
The Team held local fundraisers to help off set their show expenses! They rode in the local Arcadia Parades every year. Did free exhibitions at several nursing homes and County Fairs every year. They rode in the Arcadia Rodeo as part of the half time activities for the fans! 

 This Team had been through a lot of transitions since it was first founded in 2003 by coach Mike Marquis Owner of Horse Creek Stables. The team had lost and added members and horses since it started but we never gave up and the girls have to adapt to change very quickly.

This drill team has really made these girls better horsewomen, they rode better and they are trained their own horses. It taught them the values of partnership with their horses and their teammates! They were special times being on the drill team!

I look forward to helping new teams get started as well as riding again with another team! If your interested in starting a drill team or need a coach?

Please contact me for further details!

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