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Teach Your Horse To Stand For Your Farrier


Teach Your Horse To Stand


Your horse will have to have his feet handled, trimmed and/or shod all his life. He needs to stand calmly for the farrier.
There is no excuse for horses who pull their feet away from the farrier or push the farrier around other than not being properly trained.
Aside from the nuisance factor and wasted time, such antics can result in injury to the horse or farrier. Plus, this is a problem which can easily be corrected.

What Things Are Needed

You will need an open area in which to work, a  rope halter, a 12 ft. lead rope and a longe whip.

Setting Up the Exercise

It will be easier if your horse already knows how to longe. The logic of this training is that when the horse pulls his leg away, rears, moves forward, kicks or go sideways away from the Farrier, he will be cued to longe a minimum of three to four laps.
He has to associate cooperating with the farrier with relaxation and pulling away or shoving on the farrier with work. Furthermore, when longing, the horse is expected to move properly and we would handle him as we would with any longe lesson, so the time spent circling is not wasted.

Work out arrangements with your farrier in advance. He needs to lay out his equipment so that you can cue the horse to longe the instant he pulls or pushes and the farrier gives the order.
Your circle shouldn't end up going over tools and stands, and if necessary you can take a couple of steps back when you start the circle so the arc is clear of equipment and obstructions.

Getting results is simple but it might take time with your Farrier, so be patient. If you correct your horse by doing 3-4 laps every time he makes a mistake, your horse will begin to stand like a statue!

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