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Renegade® Hoof Boots - Horse Boots

Renegade® Hoof Boots - Horse Boots That Work!

The Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On

Originally developed as a specialized glue-on in 2001 and now Patented after a recent design update, the Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On provides an easily installed alternative to the strap on hoof boot when extra protection is needed for the naturally trimmed barefoot horse.

Primarily intended for competition use, they are flexible, durable and long lasting.  When properly installed, the Pro-Comp Glue-On will not inadvertently come off, even when used for multi day endurance competition. Though not recommended for long term use, they have shown to remain well attached for over five weeks.

Available in all the usual Renegade® colors and in sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, and 2W (sizes same as strap on boots).

Watch the videos below for full instructions on properly installing the Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On boots.

Download PDF Information

Need to print out some of the instructions or information pages?  Click on the links below to download the printable, .pdf files.

Complete Renegade® Hoof Boot Information Packet
Printable version of all of the information on this site, including sizing and measuring instructions, cable changing instructions, cable adjusting instructions, fitting instructions, boot options, and more. Contains all sub-documents found below.  (60 pages)

How to Measure and Size Renegade® Hoof Boots
Printable version of the boot sizing chart and measuring instructions. (4 pages)

Installation and Removal of the Renegade® Hoof Boot
Printable version of instructions for installing and removing Renegades. A copy of this is also included with each pair of boots. (8 pages)

Adjusting the Cables on the Renegade® Hoof Boot
Printable version of the full instructions for how to adjust the boot cables. (4 pages)

Changing Out the Renegade® Hoof Boot Cable
Printable version of the instructions for removing and replacing the cables on the boots. (7 pages)

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