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Educational Articles

What Is A Natural Barefoot Trim

Hoof Anatomy Pictures

Barefoot vs Shod

Do Glue On Shoes Really Work

Shoe-Less NOT Clue-Less

Basic Hoof Care

Pedal Osteitis

Club Feet Discussion Rick Redden

Pete Ramey On Hoof Casts

Avoid Navicular Syndrome

Founder & Laminitis

Bringing Back The Foundered Horse

Teach Your Horse To Stand For The Farrier

 Abscess & Treatments

Holding The Horse For The Farrier

Thrush Treatment

 White Line Disease

Dry Hoof Solutions

 Hoof Sealants

Discussion Barefoot Vs Shod

The Benefits of Barefoot

 Should Your Horse Go Barefoot

History Of Horses & Shoes


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