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It was last the last Sunday in Feb just before I headed back to Florida to take care of my clients horses. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. I had to drive to Mesa on the East side of Phoenix. Once I got there I noticed a cute little 5 year old girl. She walked up to meand said "are you the horse guy who is going to trim the nails on my horse?" I said yes,so we proceeded to go around to the back of the house. Once we got back there, I noticed we were going to get a little muddy. There was standing water in the whole pasture.


This was the first time I had met the owner and their family let a lone do their horse.So the horse was a little hesitant at first to be tied under a low carport. At least it was dry and it was on a concrete floor. The horse was muddy from head to hoof! So I started right in working on this 17 hand warm blood with a size 5 or 6 hoof.I noticed as soon as I picked up the hoof that I had this little 5 year old girl "Emily" watching everything I did. So I started showing her the different parts of the hoof.Emily I could tell was excited to learn about her horse! Well we didn't even get the first hoof trimmed and something spooked this big ole horse! So I said with my low but assuring voice that "it was ok FRANCIS, nothing to worry about". Well as soon as I said this to the horse....Emily speaks up and says "her name isn't Francis its EMBER! I just smiled with in myself and kept working.


I have finished the front feet and now I have started trimming the back feet. Once again something spooks this big ole horse. She jumps up and takes 3 big side steps to the right and begins to look around like what is going to eat me? So once again I tried to console this big ole horse, "FRANCIS CALM DOWN......... YOUR ALL RIGHT".

So after a few seconds she begins to relax and settle down.


Once again Emily speaks up but this time a little more out spoken,

her name is EMBER, NOT FRANCIS! I just grinned with in once again

but this time I told her its ok. That I call all the horses FRANCIS and they

don't seem to mind me calling them by a different name.


Fast forward.....I'm all done and I get into my truck to go back home. Something was on my windshield under my wiper blade. So I get out and look to see what it is. It was a piece of paper folded over and it had writing on it, and it was from Emily.


This is what it said on the Front and Back!




This is Emily's Picture of Me trimming her horse Ember!




Emily and her horse Ember were just the best! I look forward to going back to

their house to keep doing her horse's. Even if the pastures are muddy!


I will put more on as I get them.

Check back often because KIDS SAY THE FUNNIEST THINGS!


Mike Marquis (CF)

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