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Horse Training

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Please contact me if your interested in
having your horse trained.

We can set up a detailed plan on how were
 going to train your horse


Every horse I  train is with love and respect.  I take great pride in the work
I do, from imprinting at birth to classical high school levels of dressage .
 I  train "inside the box" a lot in order to get my horse ready to be ridden
"out side the box"! When you love what you do it shows not only
in you but in the results you receive.

In the past I have trained or ridden Western, English, Classical Dressage, 
Barrels, Gymkhana Events and even at Liberty.  My horse of choice is the
Andalusian horse! I enjoy learning about the
Spanish style of competitive riding called Doma Vaquera (cowboy dressage).

 I believe if we are going to be riding or even handling horses regularly,
know matter what discipline we do I think we should expose them
to as much as possible to make them safe not only for ourselves
but also to the horse. Horses are supposed to be fun and relaxing but sometimes it isn't always that way.

If you have ever had a bad fall off a horse or been ran over or
stepped on by a horse you know what I'm saying. So
feel the
more we can desensitize them to foreign sounds, objects or even
 smells that we will make them not only safer to be around
but also it will be more enjoyable for you. You and your
horse will be more confident, they will begin to trust you
and your ability to make decisions.


   Starting Under Saddle

Are you have problems with your horse jigging on the trail,
 not standing still when your getting on to ride 
or just doesn't want to stop? Then you need to get your horse back to 
the basics! I will start them out in the round pen then work 
out the basics riding skills in the arena no matter your discipline!

Trailer Loading

    You have seen this before!!

Are you having problems just trying to get your horse to the show. 

Barrel Training

Are you wanting to shave some time off your next barrel show?
Let me take your horse back to the basics to get those times lower!


Do you like sliding stops? Fast Turns? Do you need some help with some of these advanced maneuvers? Let me help you start your reining horse!


Would you like me to show your horse for you?
  I have trained and shown Andalusian's.


Spanish riding..... Doma Vaquero

Just looking to have some fun with your horse?
 Then let your horse perform some tricks!




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