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Easy Boot Glove Boot

Easy Boot Glove Boot material stretches for a smooth, snug fit!

Easyboot Glove Tread has been proven to be successful over all kinds of terrain!  Seamless front with no hardware!

I have found this boot to be very good. One exception you need to have your Farrier out every 4-5 weeks and keep those feet in good shape.

Over time if you don't keep up on a regular schedule the boots will not fit properly.

This form-fitting, seamless boot hugs the hoof and responds like  a natural foot.  Flexible and tough, this boot adds traction to the hoof, while allowing a free stride and break over.

Like a glove, this boot provides protection without stifling mobility. The Easy boot Glove material stretches over the hoof and clings to the  wall so that debris stays out of the boot even through sandy and muddy conditions.

 No external hardware means that there is no need to worry about replacing cables.

Studs are available for winter riding. 

Does your horse overreach? These boots have a faster break over and no hardware to catch on the front heel if you are wearing them on hind feet.

This boot must be carefully sized and fitted to the hoof. Your horse’s width and length must fall into the same size category. If your horse’s width and length fall into two different size categories you must choose another boot style.

    For more information go to there website Easyboot Glove

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