Marquis Farrier Service
Charlotte Fair Grounds

The Team was invited and did a exhibition and the Charlotte Fair Grounds February  2002-03. The did demonstrations on how they train individualy and as a team on how they practice and prepare for each drill competition.

One of the riders Cassie Collins did a beautiful brideless riding program with her horse Beauty a 19 yr old Arabian. 

Missy Darr and her horse Danny did a Liberty ddemonstrationon the ground. Missy had Danny jumping over obstacles and following her where every she went!

We had a fun game of barrel racing against all the riders with the audience cheering there favorite rider on! (I won lol) We had Jousting where we had to spear 3 inch rings while riding at a canter around the ring.

Karen Triana and her horse Shaina put on a great show! Karen was able to get Shaina on a Circus Pedestal that's only 20 inches wide by 20 inches long! 

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