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In May of 2013 my wife and I moved to Bangor, Mi from Arizona
where we lived there for 5 years. My wife Leslie got diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer at the beginning of 2013. We moved back to
her home State of Michigan where her dad and sister live so she could
go through her Chemo treatments and have a family support group

  • I am a professional Certified Farrier through the B.W.F.A
  • I specialize in doing a "Natural Barefoot Performance Trim".
  • I have studied many experts in the field of Natural Trimming methods.
  • I have worked also worked with Dr. Rick Redden a leading Equine Podiatrist in the United States.
  • I have successfully worked with local vets from treating foundered horses, abscess's, Navicular Syndrome to nutritional issues. I Will continue to work with my new clients veterinarians as well!
  • I am a Horse Trainer. I start new colts under saddle & problem solve.
  • I was Head Trainer at  Rancho Del Zorro in Florida. The Ranch was a 40 acre breeding farm of Andalusians and Paso Fino horses. Some of my duties were to take care of more than 30 horses everyday and to train the young horses on how to stand for a Farrier. I also trained older problem horses to stand quietly for the Farrier.  
  • I  Coached & Rode on The Arcadia Whip Crackers Mounted Drill Team.
  • I travel for demonstrations for 4 H Clubs, Riding Clubs or Stables.
  • I use a Thermal Imaging camera to help diagnosis lameness issues

We would like to introduce ourselves.  I have been working and studying the art of equine training for over 20 years. Leslie has grown up working with horses and dogs of every kind.  She is experienced in everything from the show ring to long distance endurance riding and Leslie currently breeds Australian Cattle dogs and Black German Shepherd's.



The art of horsemanship captivated Mike the moment he started training his own horses. Always searching for the most gentle and responsive training techniques, It has sent him on a journey of learning  that has taken him many places and brought him to many interesting horse people.

 Out of frustration in trying to find a "better " way to train their horses he stumbled upon several trainers that they came to admire and respect. Foremost John Lyons, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson and
Monty Roberts to name a few.

 Mike has traveled many miles to attended Clinics and Seminars from these trainers as well as study their training techniques. Mike's training principles are deeply rooted in the philosophy's of these trainers that have helped bring horsemanship to such new and improved levels.

 Combining these methods with other clinicians that he has studied has culminated into the training principles that he use's everyday in training. Gentle, condition -response training, that motivates the horse to learn, that builds upon the partnership between you and your horse while focusing on safety and control-(All with a sense of humor)-is what he strive's for.

Where I have been

 After spending many years learning many disciplines of riding Mike  learned his passion in riding was centered in training  the "Spanish Horse". The Spanish ways of riding are so intriguing" they believe in learning high school levels of dressage and using them for ranch work". Mike teaches his horses High end dressage maneuvers using one hand! The Spanish call it Doma Vaquero. It puts a entire new spin on training that is compelling and exciting. It is never stuffy or dull! The Spanish will train their Andalusians as well as other breeds, to do ranch work or herd bulls etc. Then take the same horse to the show ring and ride it home!  

Mike with his former wife opened a Training and Boarding Ranch "Horse Creek Stables" in 1994. Mike wanted to have a Boarding and Training facility that catered to ones who wanted to truly have a unique relationship with their horses. Many have passed through the front gates and I have made many new friends. One of the most rewarding thing is to see a horse and rider come from their first ride to accomplishing goals beyond what they thought their capabilities were. The Drill Team "Arcadia Whip Crackers" held on the property and coached by Mike helped a lot of riders do just that.

  Mike worked as Head Trainer with Olga Lopez in 2001 learning all about the Spanish Breed Andalusians and the Costa Rican Breed Crillo. There Mike learned to refine his training techniques with these beautiful horses! After Hurricane Charlie in Aug. 2004 Olga Lopez sold her 4 Andalusians to Jim & Linda Fox of Rancho Del Zorro. There Mike followed with them and was the Head Trainer at Rancho Del Zorro. Mike was able to further his journey of training these 4 Andalusians. Mike had more opportunities to work with the Spanish Breed horses but this time it would be Paso Finos. The Foxs had a large breeding barn with over 25 horses.

 Mike is also a Certified Farrier and spent 5 years coaching and teaching precision mounted drill to his team "The Arcadia Whip Crackers". As well as  working with the local sheriffs department in training their mounted patrol horses. 


To find out more about having your horse trained
by Mike go to our training page.




 Leslie also has a love for her Australian Cattle Dogs.
 She has owned ACD'S and trained them for over 11 years.
Leslie has worked for dog rescues, no kill shelters and
owned her owns Pet Care business.  Her life long hands on
 training and love for taking care of and natural understanding
 of these extensions of our families, is what has led her to
where she is today.  Along with her past knowledge with horses,
it completes their Equine Team.



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